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100% Australian Durum Wheat Semolina
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We use only 100% Australian Durum Wheat Semolina and Purified Water

Australian durum quality is now regarded by Italian millers/producers as the best in the world

Durum, or macaroni wheat, Triticum durum, developed in the Middle East and spread to the Mediterranean before Roman times. It grows best in semiarid cli- mates, whether hot or cold. Today, the great majority grown is amber durum with large translucent amber-colored grains. High protein content.
Semolina, the glassy inner endosperm of durum wheat, is hard, grainy, and golden yellow in color with mellow nutty flavor. Semolina itself is milled in vari- ous grades of fineness; the finer, the better for pasta. Pale yellow grainy durum flour is a finer-textured by- product of semolina production and is slightly higher in protein.

Bronze Die Pasta, the roughness of the Bronze Dies the pasta is extruded through, creates a porous surface allowing the pasta to cook evenly and absorb more sauce.

Simply the best Australian Durum Wheat Semolina and purified water.

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Certified Organic NASAA (N.5195P) and SGS/HACCP   
Bulk 1kg bags / 5kg boxes also available; contact us for your closest Distributor
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