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We use only 100% Australian Certified Organic Kamut Wheat

Kamut®, also known as Khorasan, is an ancient form of wheat with grains that are much larger than modern wheat.

The Properties of Kamut® include nutrients like protein, fiber, zinc and magnesium.

Kamut® is a tasty grain that offers a variety of potential benefits, rich in fiber that helps digestion.

Made from Australian grown certified organic grain.

Bronze Die Pasta, the roughness of the Bronze Dies the pasta is extruded through, creates a porous surface allowing the pasta to cook evenly and absorb more sauce.

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Certified Organic NASAA (N.5195P) and SGS/HACCP   
Bulk 1kg bags / 5kg boxes also available; contact us for your closest Distributor
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(*) Protein +++  Average Protein Content for 125g of pasta 
L'Abruzzese Mungbean & Chickpea 24.9gr | L'Abruzzese Organic Wholemeal 15.12gr | L'Abruzzese Organic Kamut Khorasan 19.12g | L'Abruzzese Organic Spelt  17.85gr |  L'Abruzzese Free Range Egg 14.25gr, in average 35% to 80% more than commercial pasta

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