L'Abruzzese was established 40 years ago in South Australia by a family originally from the Abruzzo region in Italy. Their passion for the superb quality and taste of homemade pasta culminated in what is still today one of the most authentic artisan pastas produced in Australia. To this day the passion continues. We produce artisan pasta by using traditional methods, bronze dies and the very best Australian Durum Wheat Semolina, recognised worldwide as one of the best for its hardness, nutritional qualities and purity.

We slowly air-dry our pasta for up to 2 days preserving its nutrition, texture, shape and exceptional taste.


Our Passion

Our passion is not just pasta, but the way it is made. We use traditional artisan methods in manufacturing to help retain the natural flavours and hence, taste. From our experience, we believe our reputation endures in the quality product we produce and the creator's passion for a unique flavour. As a result, a perfect marriage exists between quality ingredients and creator know-how that values tradition. 


We want to support the local farmers and environmental sustainability; more than 70% of the energy required to produce our pasta is generated by green energy (solar panels); when you eat local you also support the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions caused by imported products. We hate waste, we love playing our part in supporting a sustainable world. We care about making the best pasta possible. Using the best and most pure ingredients, using some machines that are 100 years old that still make a beautiful pasta consistently good.

Our People

What we care about are the people we work with: from our staff, some of whom have been with us for 25 years, to our local suppliers of the finest flours in Australia and our distributors who bring our products to the public, the people for whom we create our pasta.


Unique Taste

We eat our pasta every day because nothing compares to its taste and because we don't use chemicals, preservatives, artificial colourants or any genetically modified products. 

Certified Organic NASAA (N.5195P) and SGS/HACCP   
Bulk 1kg bags / 5kg boxes also available; contact us for your closest Distributor
L'Abruzzese can be found Australia wide in all supermarkets, independent grocers and food shops with a passion for Fine Food
28 Barnett Ave, Glynde SA 5070 | T:+61 (08) 8336 3006  | info@labruzzese.com.au

(*) Protein +++  Average Protein Content for 125g of pasta 
L'Abruzzese Mungbean & Chickpea 24.9gr | L'Abruzzese Organic Wholemeal 15.12gr | L'Abruzzese Organic Kamut Khorasan 19.12g | L'Abruzzese Organic Spelt  17.85gr |  L'Abruzzese Free Range Egg 14.25gr, in average 35% to 80% more than commercial pasta

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