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Our pasta is made with “Grano Duro” or “Hard Grain” 

We use only the finest Australian ingredients in all our pasta, including Free Range eggs, purified water and top-quality, stone-ground wheat from Australian wheat producers like Kialla, Laucke, and Wholegrain Milling. Sourcing the best Australian flavours has led to a fostering of solid, long-term relationships with premium wheat suppliers and flour mill producers in Australia; our suppliers create organic and sustainably grown grain ingredients and we want to support them. The Australian Durum Wheat Semolina from the "Golden Triangle" (Northern NSW) is considered among the best Worldwide, exported to Italy too, for its unique properties. 


We slowly extrude our pasta through Bronze Dies 

We extrude our pasta through Bronze Dies, which gives to the surface of the pasta a microscopic roughness; mass-market brands, extrude only through Teflon because it's faster (the pasta is extruded 3-4 times faster) and economical, but produces unwanted heat on the surface of the pasta, damaging the dough, affecting the texture and the flavour of the pasta; Bronze-extruded pasta releases much more starch into the water compared to the industrial Teflon-extruded; starchy pasta water is an incredible thickener and flavour enhancer for sauces; it’s also what helps pasta and sauce to marry together, making the sauce perfectly cling to the pasta. 



The Slow Drying Process is essential: the Slower the Better 

We strictly follow a slow air-drying process, anywhere from 40 hrs to 48 hrs, as they used in the 1940s and 50s; in comparison, "commercial mass-produced pasta" is normally dried in 40-60min (or less) also using microwaves. The slow drying process and the use of the best premium ingredients, allows the fibres to keep their natural molecular structures, beneficial for good digestion (*) and for the best taste; we dry our  Pasta at 35°- 40°C with air, compared to the 80-90°C used by mass-producers, some of which, to make the drying process faster and economical, dry the pasta using microwave systems. 


Our slow/low-temperature drying process is also fundamental to maintain a higher content of protein (on average 35 to 80% more than commercial pasta) and nutrition from the ingredients. Artisan slow processes make the pasta more digestible also because they maintain the anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of the wheat itself.


We don't use any chemicals, preservatives, or any genetically modified ingredients.

(*) Slow Dried Process also means healthy eating and better digestion. Try this! Dissolve for 24hrs in cold water "Artisan Pasta" and "commercial mass-produced pasta"; Artisan Pasta becomes very soft and breaks down to the original Raw natural ingredients; the commercial pasta remains perfectly intact and hard; what's the difference? The slow process (extrusion and then drying) doesn't modify the natural chemical structure of the ingredients,  which therefore easily dissolves in water (and during digestion!).

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