Our pasta is made with “ Grano Duro,” or “Hard Grain” 

All our pasta use only the finest Australian ingredients, including farm Free Range eggs, purified water and top quality, stone ground wheat from Australian wheat producers like Kialla, Laucke, and Wholegrain Milling. Sourcing the best Australian flavours has led to a fostering of solid, long-term relationships with premium wheat suppliers and flour mill producers in  Australia; our suppliers create organic and sustainably grown grain ingredients and we want to support them. 


We Bronze-extrude our pasta

We use bronze with most of our pasta which makes them rougher than Teflon extruded pasta; mass-market brands, extrude only through Teflon because it's faster and economical. Bronze-extruded pasta releases much more starch into the water compare to the industrial Teflon-extruded; starchy pasta water is an incredible thickener and flavour enhancer for sauces; it’s what helps pasta and sauce to marry together, making the sauce perfectly clinging to the pasta.


The Slow Drying Process is essential: the Slower the Better 

We strictly follow a slow-drying process, anywhere from 24hrs  to 48 hrs, as they used in the 1940 and 50s; in comparison, the "Industrial pasta" is normally dried in 3-4hrs or less. The slow drying process and the use of the best premium durum wheat, allows the starch to keep its molecular structure, producing a pasta that holds its shape and the "al dente" quality, the most desired quality in any pasta;we dry our  Pasta  at 35°- 40°C compared to the 80-90°C (or microwave) used by the mass-market brands. A slow/low-temperature drying process is fundamental to maintain a higher content of protein from the wheat. 


We don't use any chemicals, any preservatives, or any genetically modified ingredients.

Certified Organic NASAA (N.5195P) and SGS/HACCP   
Bulk 1kg bags / 5kg boxes also available; contact us for your closest Distributor
L'Abruzzese can be found Australia wide in all supermarkets, independent grocers and food shops with a passion for Fine Food
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